Mr. Mesut Öztürk started his career as an information officer for the government and retired as department chief of search and surveillance after 34.5 years. He has been a sworn detective since 2008. He is the chief detective in his own company, ODAK Private Investigations, and founder president of Anatolia Private Detectives Association. He is member of World Association of Detectives (WAD). He gave many seminars about private detectives and professional investigations at Kocaeli University, Karabuk University, Turkish National Police Academy, and many international and national events and organizations. He taught the course, named ‘‘Private Detective Investigation Techniques and Methods’’, at Kocaeli University, Uludag University and Karabuk University. He also gave lectures about pre-marriage investigations, domestic violence, and protecting children from illicit drugs and terrorism at associations of women. He is going to give lectures at private detective training, which will be held by cooperation of Anatolia Private Detectives Association, Ankara University Institute of Forensic Sciences, Forensic Scientists Association and Ankara University Department of Forensic Medicine, in 14-24 July 2016 in Ankara.


Dear Colleagues;

We provide various services in Turkey and in neighboring countries. Please do not hesitate to communicate with us when you have a business regarding Turkey and neighboring countries. 

The services we provide for our colleagues abroad:

Due Diligence

Company Structure Investigations

Criminal Record Check

ID Information (Name, Last Name, Father’s and Mother’s Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth)

Assets Researches: Individual or Company

Invoice Researches for Insurance (including in neighboring countries)

Valuable Documents Delivery (including in neighboring countries)

Phone Number Traces

Military Record Investigations

Address Traces

Tax Record Investigations

Social Insurance Institution Records Investigations

Physical Surveillance

V.I.P. Protection

Audio and Video Analyses

Expert Witness Reports that are accepted by all kinds of courts and are prepared by forensic science specialists

Warm regards,


CEO of ODAK Private Investigations

Founder President of Anatolia Private Detectives Association